International Patient Guide

Pre-diagnosis and examination - International Patient Guide

Pre-diagnosis and examination (FREE)

We inform you about your preliminary diagnosis and treatment planning via remote examination, via your forms or WhatsApp correspondence.
We give you preliminary information about the treatment plan, treatment duration and fees.

Transfer (FREE) - International Patient Guide

Transfer (FREE)

Airport PickUp & DropOff ( Airport Code “AYT” for flight deals) Hotel- Clinic Transfers  (FREE)

Tests & Examinations - International Patient Guide

Tests & Examinations

All pre-op tests & examinations (1 day before or the day of the surgery)  (included the package)

Hospital Stay - International Patient Guide

Hospital Stay

Hospital Stay (A companion can stay with the patient free of charge )

Hotel Stay (included the package) - International Patient Guide

Hotel Stay (included the package)

In addition, since the hotel is only a few minutes away from the hospital, we will be able to remotely control our patients and communicate with you quickly in an emergency.

In our contracted hotel according to your operation:

3-4 days after gastric sleeve surgeries, after the Gastric Balloon and Stomach Botox Operations, you will have the opportunity to stay for 1 day.

Translator & Translation services - International Patient Guide

 Translator & Translation services

English, French, Russian, Arabic & German Translator Services – Translation services at the Hospital (FREE)

Surgery - International Patient Guide


Laparoscopic Surgery using FDA approved materials is performed by  Bariatric surgery specialized General Surgeon approved hospitals. (İncluded the package)

Diet Program - International Patient Guide

Diet Program

Post-Bariatric Diet program is formed by Medworld dietiticians. Nutrition Consultation for 1 year (Dietitian will have a nutrition plan for you to follow up) (online available). (FREE)

Medications - International Patient Guide


Medications, Vitamins and Protein supplements that the patient needs for the first 3 months. (included the package)

Test & Reaport - Medworld Obesity Clinic

Test & Reaport

Leakage test, Discharge Report and video CD of your surgery. (FREE)

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