Why Turkey?

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey

Sea, sand and sun have been the keywords of Turkish tourism for years. These words still continue to fascinate the world. However, Turkey has a new magic word in tourism in recent years: Health. Health tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism segments in Turkey in the last 10 years.

Turkey; With its geographical location, high-tech health facilities and experienced physician staff trained in the field of health, it has recently become an important center in terms of health tourism. Our country is highly preferred, especially in the field of bariatric surgery, as it offers high quality at affordable prices compared to Europe and America. In this respect, Turkey has the infrastructure to accept foreign patients in state, to the private and university hospitals with the investments made.

Medworld Obesity Clinic - Antalya, Turkey
Medworld Obesity Clinic - Antalya, Turkey

Advantages of Turkey in Bariatric Surgery

Turkey, which is in an important position in the worldwide health tourism circulation, hosts millions of visitors every year thanks to its many advantages.

  • As its mission, it aims to offer high quality at affordable prices.
  • It includes many health professionals who are experts in their fields.
  • It has internationally accredited health institutions that compete with the world and have a high technological infrastructure.
  • It pioneers the use of top quality devices in treatment methods that develop with technology.
  • It adopts a personalized patient-oriented approach.
  • With an understanding that prioritizes patient needs in the field of health, it eliminates the ‘waiting time’ problem experienced especially in America and Europe.
  • He is qualified to perform many procedures that require serious expertise, especially in the field of bariatric surgery, including revision and bypass procedures.
  • Thanks to its geographical location, it is within a 3-hour flight distance that can appeal to the population of nearly one billion.
  • In addition to health, it is in a very attractive position in terms of culture and history.
  • With its young population, it has health personnel who adopt the universal rules of health tourism and are equipped in terms of different cultures and various world languages.

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